Grass Fed, Organic Beef Cattle

Grass Fed, Organic Beef of the highest quality Barzona cattle come straight to you from the lush grasses of Brooksville, Florida. There is no better beef around than this in the Central Florida region.

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Grass Fed, Organic Barzona Beef

Simple cattle raising is what we know best. Come see what we have for you in the highest quality, grass fed, organic beef available in Central Florida.

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About Lake Oriole Ranch – SORRY, BUT WE ARE SOLD OUT

Lake Oriole Ranch is located in the rolling hills of Brooksville Florida, near the intersection of I-75 and State Road 50. Dr. William La Rosa and his wife Dorothy moved their cattle operation there in 1977 from their previous location in Tarpon Springs. As a medical doctor, Dr. LaRosa suspected that some of the cancers and other medical problems he was seeing in his practice was linked to the chemicals that was being used in the production of our food supply.

So in the early seventies he decided he would raise cattle the all natural way, using no chemicals in their production. We use no steroids, hormones, pesticides or any chemicals what so ever. No harmful chemicals get into the cows so they don’t get into your family. When you buy from a Supermarket their beef was grown in a feed lot with thousands of cattle purchased from many different farms, trying to grow them as fast as they can they use growth hormones, and to make sure sickness does not spread with so many cows in a small area they give shots for every disease known to man.

When you buy from Lake Oriole Ranch Natural Organic Beef, you can be sure our cows are chemical free, We grow top quality grasses and hay and have plenty of room for the cows to graze. So for less money than you would spend in a supermarket, why wouldn’t you make sure you are not feeding harmful chemicals to your family. So buy from Lake Oriole Ranch with confidence that you are keeping your family healthy. No chemicals get into our cows so they don’t get into your family.